Click & Tell in general

Click&Tell" is the name for a new approach to online research merging web analytics and market research. Web analytics looks in minute detail at what is happening on a website: the specific pages where visitors entered, where they left; the order in which they visit pages, the number of pages they open and even the number of milliseconds they spend per page.

Not only ’what?’, but also ’who?’ and ’why?’
In sharp contrast with the amount of available information is the lack of insight into the fundamental questions: who are the visitors (in terms of their roles) and why do they do what they do? Do they leave because they are happy after having found what they needed? Or do they leave in despair without having found the information they were looking for? The clickstream data, although very detailed and precise, lack the voice of the visitor. When the voice of the visitor is linked to these data, they become a rich source of insights and inspiration for all kinds of improvements.

That is what Click & Tell achieves. It creates a log of how visitors get to a website and how they move through it. And it explains this behaviour on the basis of what visitors tell about their experience and about themselves.

Relevant questions at relevant moments
The special ‘trick’ of  Click&Tell is that the objective behaviour and the answers of the individual visitor are tied together one-on-one. This creates a wealth of information, even when only a limited set of questions is posed. Asking and answering questions, in the Click&Tell method, is not a separate exercise. It is a logical and natural part of visiting the site because the questions appear as a response to a particular action (e.g. exiting the site by using the close or back button, typing in search terms, clicking a particular link on the site etc.).

Clients and testimonials
We applied this method for a number of customers: Microsoft Europe (Contact Us pages); three provinces of the Netherlands (North-Holland, Gelderland and South-Holland) and a number of online stores and publishers. Ergo has been appointed as preferred supplier to the Dutch government for quantitative research into websites and web applications. Click&Tell is nominated for the innovation award of the Dutch Market Research Association (see testimonials)