Click & Tell nominated for MOA Feedback Innovation Award
Ergo is one of three research agencies that are nominated for the Dutch Feedback Innovation Award 2011. On the website of MOA (the Dutch Association for Market Research) the jury statement reads as follows:

"Click& Tell, the method developed by Ergo, integrates two areas of information that until now were completely independent of each other: web analytics and market research. Click & Tell creates a link between clickstream data and answers from online surveys. The survey-frames are displayed in response to particular behaviour on the website. Both the "what" and the "why" of website behaviour become clear. In contrast to tradional methods for evaluating websites, respondents are surveyed in a way that is relevant within the context of their behaviour and their experience. Ergo showed in a convincing manner that it has supplied a variety of organizations with insights that would most likely not have been obtained with more traditional methods. The application of Click & Tell has led to practical decisions and to improvements of websites and/or other elements of the marketing mix."
Jury Feedback Innovatie Award 2011 (Robert van Ossenbruggen, Hans Donkers, Rob Adams)

"Ergo applied Click & Tell to our Contact Us webpages for the United Kingdom. The study provided us with valuable and actionable insights into the various types of visitors and their needs. Click & Tell gave us a lot of input to help us improve the functionality, the layout and the content of these pages."
Bernard Slowey, Global Program Manager at Microsoft Headquarters, Redmond, USA


Department of General Affairs, Public and Communication
"After a European call for tender, we selected Ergo as one of our preferred suppliers for quantitative research concerning websites of the Dutch government. What appeals to us in Ergo’s product is the link between user feedback and clickstream data. This link is essential for good website research."
dr. Rob. F. Klaassen, Research Consultant


Province of North Holland
"Ergo investigated for us which target groups visit our website and what information these groups are trying to find. The study provided us with many new insights, for instance: the number of citizens visiting our website is much larger than we thought it to be. Because website behaviour is incorporated in the study, it showed us which areas of the website are important to citizens, and how we can improve the website in terms of userfriendliness."
Mrs. Ebru Eryigit (MA), communication-manager province of Noord-Hollland
"As a webstore owner you have a tremendous amount of information about customers who buy your products: You know what they buy, how often they come back, you know their behaviour in different seasons etc. But visitors who come to your web store and leave without buying, remain completely unknown to me. I can see in Google Analytics at which pages they usually leave, but why?? Not a clue! With Click & Tell we discovered the most important reasons. One of the reasons was that quite a few visitors who left within a short period of time, were looking for a particular item that we had taken out of the collection. Of course we re-introduced that item as fast we could. "
Bart Struycken, director/owner

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