Creativity and improvisational skills

Creativity and talent for improvisation are key concepts for us. Here are some examples that prove that we apply those concepts in practice. Ergo is - as far as we can determine - the first agency to have conducted focus groups with deaf people. We managed to accomplish this in a challenging project on subtitling of televised government communication. We tracked down the target group through community centres and societies for the deaf. Through their networks we managed to recruit participants for the project. With the help of sign language interpreters we provided our client (the Department of Government Information) with insights into the wishes of deaf people regarding government information and into the obstacles they meet trying to acquire this information.

Another example of Ergo's improvisational talents is the way Ergo researched the current ‘trade mark' of the city of Amsterdam, by now widely known as I amsterdam. It required some creativity to carry out qualitative research within a few weeks among a wide variety of target groups: ex-patriots, foreign business people, domestic and foreign tourists and restaurant and bar owners. Less than a week after fieldwork had been completed, the client received a management summary that not only provided the foundation for an informed decision on the city marketing concept, but that also contained various recommendations for its further development and application.

A third example is the use of visual material in research into the renovation of highways and traffic signals such as road lines. For the ministry of traffic and infrastructure Ergo visited a specific stretch of the A1 highway in the company of a camera man. A number of practical situations that occur regularly on that part of the highway were filmed. The footage was then successfully used as input for a focus group.

In summary: especially when marketing or policy issues are at stake that require more than simple straightforward research and that challenge our creativity, Ergo feels in its element, like "a fish in the water".