Doing what you're good at

Ergo researchers are first and foremost research designers. Based on our experience we are capable of creating the best suited project design for marketing and policy issues, whether qualitative or quantitative research is required, or a combination of both. But we're not too proud to "farm out" certain project activities - under our supervision - when we feel that others are better suited to carry them out.

Qualitative research
Qualitative research is always conducted by Ergo's own research staff, whether it be on location or on the respondent's work site (in case of B-to-B research). Our office has all the necessary facilities for qualitative research, including a closed TV circuit that enables clients to follow fieldwork live.

Qualitative telephone research is also part of our ‘tool kit'. Depending on the subject of research, telephone depth interviews can be a suitable - sometimes even the most suitable - and cost efficient methodology. The essence of qualitative research remains: the interview is not a simple game of questions and answers but rather a dialogue that gives the respondent the opportunity to ‘tell his own story' and enables the interviewer to ask follow-up questions on relevant topics.

Quantitative research
Ergo takes on quantitative research from beginning to end of the project. Ergo develops the research design, method of sampling and the questionnaire. When online survey is the chosen method, Ergo usually does data collection in-house, but when an internet access panel is required, we choose to collaborate with specialists in that area. This allows us to use the largest possible panel for one project and for another project a different panel that - although smaller - contains a high number of representatives of a specific target group.

Data collection in the form of quantitative telephone and face-to-face research is always farmed out to trusted fieldwork partners with excellent track records. Again, we choose from several partners, selecting the right party based on the specific requirements of the project.

In all cases Ergo takes care of the analysis and reporting, straight through to recommendations to our clients.