Politicians and civil servants

Public affairs is an area that can boast a growing interest from companies, industry associations and special interest groups. This is not surprising, since a good relationship with government organsations increases the chance of effectively influencing policy making and thereby the success of the organisation.

A decade ago Ergo started developing a model for studies among national, regional and local politicians and government representatives. By now this model has been successfully applied for a large number of organisations. The study offers focus points for optimising the relationship with this important group of stakeholders. It informs our clients how they are perceived by government organisations and how effective their lobbying strategies and tactics are.

Public affairs studies are usually carried out in the form of on-site depth-interviews. The perceptions of the organisation's performance in general are discussed in depth. Moreover the relationship and co-operation with the organisation is discussed as well as the improvements (in policy and communication) that could strengthen the relationship.

Ergo has carried out studies among policians and government officials for amongst others:

  • Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
  • ANWB (consumer organisation automotive, cycling and tourism)
  • Doctors without Borders
  • Cordaid
  • Dutch Railways
  • Plan Netherlands (international co-operation and development)
  • SNV (international co-operation and development)
  • Dutch Organisation for Forest Management
  • Transport & Logistics Netherlands