Call center satisfaction

Ever since its foundation, Ergo has specialised in researching satisfaction of consumers and companies with contact centers they have recently called or e-mailed for information or support. Typically, customers are asked to give feedback within days after their communication with the contact center. For Microsoft Europe, Ergo has been monitoring, analysing, compiling and presenting research data on contact center satisfaction in Europe, Africa and the Middle East over the last decade. All customer types are included in these ongoing studies, from consumers calling about the X Box to "Large Account" customers whose IT networks Microsoft supports. Both product support (help desk) and commercial contact center activities (presales) are covered.
The objectives of these studies are twofold:

  • Detecting areas of the service that require improvement
  • Monitoring and securing the quality of the service over time.

A crucial element in the analysis is the correlation between separate service aspects and service in general.

Fieldwork as well as analysis take place daily, so the performance of all contact centers can be monitored on a day-to-day basis. This enables contact center managers to react promptly and effectively to problems. To facilitate daily monitoring, Ergo has developed an online tool that gives contact center managers a quick overview of the results of the ongoing study, but also allows for drilling down into the underlying details.

On a national scale Ergo conducts contact center satisfaction research for a number of organisations including T-Mobile.