Traffic and Transport

Ergo has a long track record in the area of traffic and transport. Throughout the years we have studied a wide range of issues characteristic of this sector. Studies that we have conducted, include:

  • Policy preparing studies for the development or restructuring of highways and waterways
  • Service performance and pricing of public transport
  • Parking policies
  • Testing road signs and other traffic information (online and via other media)
  • Press contacts of organisations in the Traffic and Transportation sector
  • Lobbying strategies and practice of special interest groups in the sector
  • Membership studies among members of sector associations (e.g. car manufacurers, garage owners, transport companies)
  • Research into satisfaction with harbour and navigation facilties in the Netherlands among pilots and international ship captains
  • Studies among driving instructors. Ergo manages a panel of driving school owners who are regularly consulted on current topics.